100 years of lipstick trends in 3 minutes See

Have you ever wondered how you have you have changed lipstick in a century? The beauty trends change every year, and 100 years of history women have worn all kinds of shades on the lips. Now thanks to Allure you can discover how they have changed trends in lipsticks over 100 years. And just simply watch a 3 – minute video in English!



100 years ago women wore an almost imperceptible lipstick, natural style . In the decade of the 20s the star tones were brown, purple and red plum. In addition most women directly used pencils to go filling lips thoroughly. In the late 30 ‘s the must were pink matt. The actress Marlene Dietrich became fashionable women upper lip more will paint the bottom, creating a characteristic optical effect.
lipstickA decade later red passion and intense became popular on the lips , and the orange tones. But it was not until the 50s that the first lipstick long duration is created, and actresses of the Hollywood industry as Ava Gardner and Marilyn Monroe popularized shades of dark red.


In the 60 groups Motown popularized white lips and bright. in the 70s the disco look consisted of very intense colors and apply gloss to the end for a discotequero finish. Bianca Jagger and Cher were the muses of this trend lip.
lipstickIn the 80 electric colors and fluorine, such as pink and lilac, they became trend. A decade later lips looked very delineated and dark pink creating a grunge effect the style of the Spice Girls. In the first decade 2000s strident and intense colors lose strength and win the lip gloss. Glossy lips are a must. Currently dark lips are kept and in colors like burgundy, and lips are outlined in the same tone bar. The Kardashian have popularized this look.

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