Add these 5 anti aging foods in your diet

To stay healthy and healthy longer , the diet that you bear much later will have to see: like everything, the incorporation or absence of certain foods and specific nutrients may add or subtract when delay aging . In this article we invite you to see what are some of the anti aging foods that can not miss.
Among those recommended, the nuts stand out for their high level of antioxidants and nutrients such as magnesium, iron , zinc, selenium and potassium, revitalizing energy substances and first class. Also, they are rich in omega 3 fatty acids , of great value in maintaining health and vitality. The advice is to eat a handful of nuts daily as a snack alone or as add it to salads or yogurt in the morning.
Among the greens, spinach taking the lead: healthy, low in calories and rich in iron and antioxidants , are ideal to prevent premature aging. In addition, they noted for their contribution of vitamin C and E , essential for maintaining healthy and firm skin. Ye can consume fresh, in salads, or cooked and fillings, soups or other preparations.
When choosing an infusion anti aging, green tea ranks first: high in antioxidants, drink a couple of cups a day of this pleasant infusion keep free radicals, which cause cell oxidation at bay.
Among fish, salmon This fish is recommended for its level of antioxidants and natural nutrients, its properties anti – inflammatory and high protein intake. When eating fish, salmon is one of the smartest choices.

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To give food more flavor? Well, the garlic will be a great ally of taste and health: known in the past for its beneficial health properties and for being one of the most effective natural antibiotics, also it acts on the health of cells, thanks to their contribution nutrients and a substance called allicin.
Finally, do not forget that as important as food, will be the regular exercise and stay away from bad habits such as abuse of alcohol or cigarettes, to stay healthy and in good condition, physical and mental.

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