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The neckline is still king of the covers. We have seen in the recent delivery of the Oscars of Hollywood, where the movie stars in the sky chose more than generous when it comes to show off their anatomy dresses. Some of them were inclined to the fashion that does not stop, called braless, or what is the same, wearing no bra or use liners as we told you in a previous post .
This trend, which has accompanied us since before the summer of 2015 , allows to incorporate the aesthetics of the neckline what we call the intermammary sulcus , but is commonly known as “cleavage”.
Charlize Theron , Margot Robiee, Olivia Wilde and Charlotte Riely, among other celebrities sported impressive in the film festival, regardless of age, tastes, and above all sizes.
They may, for various reasons, ranging from the size and fall of his chest to the state of the skin of his neck and neckline itself. We all know that actresses, singers, models and people living in your image are very careful, regardless of its beauty natural.

Beautiful young woman applying organic cosmetics to her skin
Beautiful young woman applying organic cosmetics to her skin

Who do not invest the time or the money these professionals at your physical care look like the natural passage of time and the effect of gravity cause the fall of the breast. They will also realize, past thirty in the neck begin to wrinkles, spots and even pimples appear. This is because, like the face and hands, the neck is exposed to air and especially the sun. In addition, this skin is very thin and delicate.
For the fall of the chest, besides providing female fastening fasteners, today all kinds – sports, sleeping -, is the operating room . Mastopexy, of which I have already spoken in a previous post, is an intervention to elevate the breast , with more than satisfactory results. For the skin of the neck, write down three aesthetic solutions, away from the scalpel and anesthesia:
First, creams and moisturizers silicon solutions. You know that much has been made of this mineral for its special contribution to the beauty is that it is essential in the synthesis of collagen, which is the protein molecule that keeps our tissues in place. Say is the most anti – sagging agent.
Also, very effective, to strengthen the skin so fragile, I recommend injections of platelet – rich plasma. Elasticity, smoothness and a certain volume by one based on modern regenerative stem cell therapies solution.

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