Attentive to these errors beauty should avoid

Beauty all make mistakes , and it is important to take them into account to avoid making them again. And perhaps many of these mistakes you commit without giving importance or thinking that you do it the right way. Keep up reading to know!
Many women choose makeup brushes when prepared every day . This type of utensils beauty are very effective in applying liquid foundation on the face and eye shadows, and it is essential to clean brushes regularly. Experts recommend doing it every two weeks to eliminate bacteria and debris makeup remaining embedded. In Youtube there are endless tutorials to clean brushes with soap and disinfectant products. Pay attention to this in English! Disinfectant soap, oil and water virgin olive oil is what we need.


Do not wipe the face is one of the mistakes that many make. Once we have the face I desmaquillado by micellar water must apply a facial cleansing gel to remove traces of makeup and bacteria left on the skin. Then it is also important to apply a facial tonic to help skin regain its usual state and perspire normally. If you are of which I Planchais hair or ondularlo You use an iron for a bit, you may not make the mistake of applying yourselves one thermoprotective. These products protect the hair cuticles and prevent frizz. Fichad east of Kérastase.

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errores_de_bellezaAs makeup brushes we should also clean the hair brushes. Over time accumulate fat, bacteria and even product residues. Just enough to let them soak in warm water for a few hours and with a little soap. Perhaps many already do not commit, but there are women that nail polish is applied directly without previous products. It is essential to apply a pre – protector for the paint stick better, last longer and does not damage nails.

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