Beauty Blender 5 uses of this beauty product

Does anybody know the beauty blender? This type of makeup sponge has become a must among makeup artists when creating the perfect looks. And now you can do with this beauty product in many cosmetic stores, and Sephora.
The beauty blender recently that has become popular in beauty tutorials and cosmetics stores, and the truth is that it has a multitude of uses. That is why today we give you five applications – and reasons -. To present you with this sponge so useful and use it in your everyday One of the uses of beauty blender as makeup is concerned is to help it stays in place and unify the skin. After apply ourselves the foundation – either by brush or sponge -. leave marks on the skin of the face recommend dipping a little beauty blender with micellar water and take small tap on the face to remove those marks.

beauty_blenderIf you are one of those you follow contouring technique, either on the face or neck, it is essential to have a beauty blender. This product will help the contouring effect is more effective and last longer. Another use of this sponge is to create effects to the body paint on his face: perfect for Carnival and create effects professional makeup. Another use must meet is to remove deodorant stains left on clothes after a long day. do not forget to bring this product in the bag to solve this problem.
beauty_blenderAnd finally, use to create a push up effect on your neckline. Many industry professionals have said that using these sponges to create a small effect push up on the models.

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