Before undergoing cosmetic surgery you should know this

You have made an important decision: go under the knife . After long thinking, weighing the pros and cons, fighting your fears , tallying – because, surgery is face, you’re going to submit to a cosmetic surgery.
No matter what your reasons, but about two coincidences occur in people who take this step: either the desire to leave behind a complex that is embittering their lives, either physically improve mood.
It is an important step in your life since undergoing any intervention , especially if we talk about an operating room under general anesthesia, and where you will change a part of your anatomy, it is always risky.

Agree. We got here and now, not for having already made the decision, you can relax. You must inform good of all steps in the process. Please note that is your health and your future at stake. It is not about giving more importance or seriousness to the issue of having, but to address health with rigor and seriousness they need.
I know you’ve seen models and actresses in the media to which you want to be like, it may be the case. Forget. If this is your initial intention, cosmetic surgery will only bring disappointment and who tells you otherwise is not being honest with you. The operation will enhance the beauty in you, not to imitate the alien.


On the other hand, if you’re at maturity, the knife is not going to give back twenty, but it will help much to natural aging is much less noticeable. My opinion is that when undergoing surgery must take into account the following aspects:
The first is to know in whose hands you put in . In health there is no sale, other professionals with more or less experience and better or worse payment facilities. What we need to know are your credentials, your career, if you belong to an association of colleges and in which center will operate.
This second point is very important. Fortunately they are isolated cases, but we’ve all read that someone would have operated at a center in which the requirements are not met. Find out who very well, but where, how and with what.

As I said above, no false expectations created. I am not in favor of using simulation programs results by computer. Patients tend to think that they will be exactly as you see in the computer program and disappointments occur. These programs are an approximation, not a photograph.
Seek advice from the doctor is the best you can do . Let us propose you a size, a profile, a particular modeling to your face. Listen and then decide. When listening, select. Everyone has opinion and this is subjective. It can confuse . Decided by the doctor and forth. No friends, relatives, colleagues, etc …
It is very important to know what procedure you are going to submit. Not the same aesthetic medicine, performed in clinic, surgery . Be rigorous with tests that will send the doctor and meet deadlines . Everything will be fine.

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