Candied Plum new line of The Body Shop

Do you like the smell of ripe plums ? For that sweet tone mixed with other floral fragrances it is what we can perceive in the new line Candied Prune in The Body Shop . The firm always surprises us with different fruits or inspired by natural ingredients lines either coconut, mango or mint. And they take news like this constantly, with a line of body products inspired plum.
This new collection of Plum Candied comes with a great box, but the products are also sold separately. The box – shaped plum, perfect for storage and later use. Among the products that stand out from all the collection is the body butter plum to moisturize the entire body. The shortenings of the firm The Body Shop are well known, and also have them in two sizes, one to carry in your bag It is a moisturizing practice for hands or body that can be used anywhere.

But the collection does not end in moisturizer, but there are also other body products. The scrub is ideal for use twice a week, leaving the skin soft and a wonderful fragrance, because it takes extract Plum Turkey . There are also shower gel and body lotion after bathing to moisturize the skin. The collection is completed with a hand cream, lip balm and soap, plus some fun fizzy lumps for a relaxing bath.
They have even thought about those details we need to create a kind of home spa. Why they have included a burner plum scented oil and aromatic candle. Perfect to use this great new line inspired by the plum in your next bathroom details.

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