Chemical peel to remove facial blemishes

The spots facial is one of the aesthetic problems that most concern women , whether stains caused by the sun, by hormonal problems , or by self – aging of the skin .
The facial blemishes are not a lost battle. Today there are lots of beauty treatments to eliminate them and prevent them effectively. Which we deal today we are the peeling chemical combined with light biostimulation.
The chemical peel involves applying chemicals on the skin – of very superficial way to go regenerating layers , which favors the tone and skin uniformity, consistency and get more hydration and brightness.
Depending on the level of depth problems to correct, substances applied will be one or the other.

The light biostimulation meanwhile, is a treatment used to prevent sun damage and also inhibit the formation of free radicals by stimulating the dermal and epidermal cells. It can be combined with peelings and other antiaging medicine treatments to reduce the inflammatory response avoiding PIH. This treatment is also very useful when you want to reduce redness of rosacea or other, in addition to treating hormonal spots such as melasma.

The combination of both is a good solution dermatologic faces prone to facial blemishes, because in addition to returning to your skin’s natural even tone, it will reverse the effects of aging, such as wrinkles and lack of brightness.
That if very important before applying products or apply treatments on your own, Come to a specialist in clinical dermatology to advise you on what treatment to apply to your skin type and type of stain . Remember that when we talk about application of chemical substances in the skin, take the appropriate precautions.

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