Conscious Beauty and sustainable cosmetics

H & M has long since passed us his grand launch of its line of beauty products that follow current trends and presenting the most affordable price. And now the Swedish low cost company presents the Conscious Beauty collection with a series of innovations in cosmetics that besides being ideal for spring are sustainable.
This collection of sustainable cosmetics is now available in stores H & M and on the website of the brand, and among the new features to pamper the body without damaging it is the deodorant free aluminum and pleasant fragrances. The fashion industry and beauty increasingly it is becoming increasingly aware of the unnecessary waste production and creating more environmentally friendly and nice products for the environment. and H & M points to this trend in beauty with this sustainable line. the face masks are other products that H & M we It presents in his collection of beauty. They are to moisturize, exfoliate and soothe the face, are a must in our daily beauty routine.

H&M_Conscious_BeautyIn addition to products for face care, we also find creams and other products for the rest of the body. The Conscious Beauty spring line adapts and opt for floral and pleasant aromas like lemon. Be soap for washing hands, moisturizer with fresh lemon scent or a beauty oil , the brand offers a wide variety of essential personal care. This oil serves both for skin, hands and even hair. A particularly 1 having certificate organic product.
H&M_Conscious_BeautyWe love this sustainable and organic beauty line, and at affordable prices. What do you think the new collection of sustainable cosmetics giant Swedish? Already available in physical and online stores.

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