Do you know the hangover makeup?

Stomped this winter and ready to become an essential next spring. The makeup hangover , or what is the same, the make up which simulates a “hangover” effect, becomes one of the most desirable trends for the coming months. As if you had lying without desmaquillarte, this new beauty must promise slip through your favorite looks. Discover the keys to get it perfect makeup and look after party .
Say goodbye to make up untainted with defined eyes, cheekbones highlighted or bulky mouth. This season the tide change to succeed with a look of air grunge with a face like a newly erected in which you forgot to take your makeup after a night of partying. The worn eyes and lips bitten effect become the protagonists of this sexy and youthful makeup with appearance he had not slept much the night before.
Louis Vuitton

The eyes are the first to betray us when we sleep massaged: the black shadows, mask run eyelashes and smoky eyes are indispensable in this amazing look that has already conquered the catwalk. To achieve this haggard makeup, delineates a k h öl black your eyes both the top and bottom. With your finger, smudge the color across the eyelid and very subtly, flush with the lower lashes.
Diane Von Furstenberg
Thus, you get a smearing effect that will create the appearance of more tired eyes and a worn by the passing hours makeup. Another alternative is to use dark shadows of highly pigmented texture for a more intense result, always extending them illegally.

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Remata your eye makeup with a mask, applying several layers in a zigzag pattern. Do not worry if your lashes appear caked or grumitos , the better yet!
Diesel Black Gold
Complete your make up hangover with some lips stained effect occupying a discreet background. To do so, bet on pink or nude soft always applying them to pat with fingertips . Try intensify the color on the ends to get a fuller mouth.
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Another way to get a haggard makeup is found in the absence of black shadows and mascara. Eyes without eyeliner and makeup only shades of purple or red to get an effect “Sleepless” and give the feeling of a tired look .

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