Essential oils: The properties of tea tree

Among the essential oils , that of tea tree is one of the most used, and for different uses. In this article we invite you to know a little about it and its benefits therapeutic and aesthetic. Take note and put into practice.
The essential oil of tea tree is extracted from the leaves of the shrub called “Melaleuca alternifolia” Australian – born and highly valued especially for its antifungal and antibacterial properties . Well, we suggest you know a little more about it.
In principle, it is effective against fungi , especially those of the feet, also known as “athlete ‘s foot”. The recommendation is to fill a syringe with a little oil and place on the affected nail well , cover with a cotton ball and leave it overnight. The idea is to repeat every day until notéis improvements.

It can be helpful when lice and / or fleas : in fact, it is one of its most valued virtues. For this, the advice is to apply a ten drops in the normal shampoo and leave a good time , once applied in the bathroom. It acts on lice, but not on the nits. It can also be used to kill fleas in dogs and cats, with a similar application mentioned above.
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Another benefit is about acne and skin: tree oil tea dry spots, so disappear much faster. The recommendation is to place a drop of this oil on a cotton ball and gently apply on the pimple. Just be careful, because if it is applied in area close to a mucosal or you have very sensitive skin, it may irritate.
More uses: it also serves as a good mosquito repellent , so it is recommended to apply a small drop behind the ears and on the wrists, to keep these pesky insects away. For dandruff : If you are suffering from dandruff, a good home remedy is to mix your shampoo about 10 drops and apply in your daily use.
To soothe the skin after waxing, you can add about three drops and apply moisturizer, you will notice as increases hydration and relieves discomfort later. Also, in regard to the skin, the essential oil Tea tree can be used to enhance healing of minor cuts: diluid few drops fresh aloe vera and ApliCAD on the affected area.
Latest recommendations: no utilizad in under twelve or pregnant or lactating women. And only topical usad way, never ingest.

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