Essential routines bathroom with Nivea

The range Under the shower Nivea is a line of products that all should try. The shower is a daily routine in our lives and that is a time to relax and disconnect. It’s that time of day when we forget our worries, even for a few minutes to clean up and relax our body . And nothing better than to add to this time products range Under the shower, designed to make the shower a pleasant and special moment.
One of its new products is the remover under the shower to streamline the ritual of makeup remover face and eyes. Available in two varieties depending on your skin type, this beauty product is ideal to remove traces of makeup on her face , and even eliminated mascara and the remains of product on the neck.

Beautiful young woman applying organic cosmetics to her skin
Beautiful young woman applying organic cosmetics to her skin

Under the shower range signature does nothing but grow. In addition to its new makeup remover, which combines the properties of the lotion and cleansing gel, Nivea has launched a new Body Lotion Q10. This firming lotion moisturizes and Q10 pearls melt on the skin to care for her instantly. We also found a Body Milk moisturizing for all skin, as well as a lotion that conditions skin and leaves it soft and fragrant. This product is suitable for normal and dry skins. Another new feature of this range of Nivea is the aftersun under the shower , ideal now beginning to approach the good weather. Its cucumber extract helps to cool the skin after sun.
niveaAnd you, what do you expect to test this range of brand products? The timing of the shower never been so pleasant.

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