Essential Tips for the beauty of your hair

On this occasion, we share a number of tips to keep your hair healthy and beautiful . Some habits such as washing with water too hot or not using a shampoo or conditioner according to hair type may be doing we do not have the docile and healthy hair. It notes and put into practice.
What basic : washing and drying . Ideally , wash your hair every two or three days, although some people have oily scalp and may have to do it daily. It is important that you do it with warm water , never too hot, and it is a shampoo and conditioner according to your hair type : oily, mixed, dry, etc.


Lava applying an appropriate amount of shampoo and soft circular massage to stimulate the circulation of the scalp. When applying conditioner, do it just the middle of the hair to the tips, and do not forget to rinse well.
The next step is the drying : If you use the dryer regularly, be sure to previously apply a heat shield , otherwise you will end up spoiling. If you let it dry naturally better. When you have these dry, remember not to touch too to prevent grease and soil quickly. Do not overuse lacquers or hair gel residues that accumulate in the roots.

Here are the tips : before the shower or bath, brush your hair well to help remove fallen hairs. When the hair is wet, it is weak and more likely to break. Leaving the shower, dry with a cotton towel or T – shirt of the same fabric to prevent frizz.
If you have the very dry ends, it is best to apply a serum or oil out of the bath when the hair is wet even more, because this way it is absorbed much better. If when you wake up in the morning, you notice that your hair is very tangled, a good idea is to get a light braid clenched – not before going to bed.

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