Everything about the body contouring

By now all know the contouring , makeup technique popularized by Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner consisting sculpt the face to give a sharper and less rounded appearance. There are many brands of makeup palettes have created special products for putting on makeup following this technique, and now new forms of contouring come. It is used this way of putting on makeup in the neck, neck and even on the lips.

One of the most popular forms of body contouring – even among the famous – is to outline the décolleté and neck. On Youtube there are plenty of tutorials to create the effect of more voluminous breasts, as well as a thinner neck and soft. Notice the steps that follow this youtuber in English to pronounce her cleavage and create a bulkier effect!

In addition to the décolleté another contouring begins to emerge is the neck. Yes, you read that right. Instagram already viralizado a video where we see how to mark the neck from the back. Do you dare to try?


Easier and essential to our beauty looks is the contouring of lips . It is an important part of our facial makeup, and artists like Kat von D do no more than claim as key to looking perfect lips. In addition to the eyeliner, the lip contouring is based on using various shades of color and aplciarlos with different brushes to create a bulkier effect.

The contouring is already part of our vidsa. and if you thought you had seen it all with how to make-up face, now it apply to other parts of the body.

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