facial mesotherapy for a younger face

The snuff , the stress a poor diet , sleep a few hours or pollution are habits and external factors that accelerate the oxidation process of the skin , causing it to become more dry, dull, and acquire a more aged appearance.
Today there are numerous techniques and procedures to stop this process of aging , and one that gives results in a short time and lasting is the facial mesotherapy.
What is mesotherapy?
Facial mesotherapy is a technique of aesthetic medicine that is injected into the face a cocktail of vitamins in order to promote collagen production and restore hydration, elasticity and skin tone, in addition to recovering the brightness and luminosity.

The product used is CytoCare , but the composition of the cocktail of vitamins depend on the needs of every skin type:
CytoCare 502 : This product will be applied in younger skins as a method of prevention. It will enhance the brightness of the skin, maintain hydration and delay the appearance of first wrinkles. Aged between 25 and 30 years
CytoCare 526 : This product is indicated for skins that are beginning to notice the ravages of age. Attenuates the first wrinkles, provides hydration and skin elasticity and improves brightness.
CytoCare 532: Suitable for mature skin. Corrects the aging process of the skin, providing more elasticity, tone and hydration to the skin and improving its brightness.

Beautiful young woman applying organic cosmetics to her skin
Beautiful young woman applying organic cosmetics to her skin

The effects of facial mesotherapy from the very first day felt until the next two weeks, it is advisable some retreatment to ensure better results. During three months would be advisable to take a session and then 1 as a reminder every 6 months.
Among the risks or side effects of treatment , say that is practically the anesthesia doctor indoloro- the area with a cream or ice- and may be the possibility of small bumps or bruises that will not last more than 3 days.
If you wonder what can make you the center facial mesotherapy, we will recommend Clinic Vieira with Dr. Fabio Vieira, who will attend and kindly advise you on which product will be best suited to your skin needs.

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