Female alopecia and treatments to stop it

Hair loss or alopecia female is much more traumatic for women than for men . Losing hair at an early age is a great loss of self – esteem for many patients – is the case with treatment usually in consultation -have found with this side effect as a result of chemotherapy treatments.
There is nothing healthier than a good self-image, confidence and self-assurance. Therefore, I believe that this is not a minor problem, but major for sick patients.

beauty, people and health concept - beautiful young woman face in make-up over yellow autumn background
beauty, people and health concept – beautiful young woman face in make-up over yellow autumn background

I am pleased, therefore, much, to hear that the solution to alopecia, both male and female, could be ready in about ten years, or five, in the most optimistic forecasts. The key, again, is in regenerative medicine, in stem cell research, which is giving so much satisfaction in other fields such as orthopedic surgery and aesthetics.
Unfortunately, alopecia resulting from aggressive treatment is not alone. Experts who study this problem and that fall within a field called Trichology, estimated at a hundred different types.
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It is not my field and I do not think that will be of interest to know them all, but know when to worry about hair loss and what solutions have the power to curb the problem.
A normal drop is estimated between 50 and 100 hairs a day. From there, if we notice a significant decrease in volume, we see a lot of hair on our clothes, or directly going noticing small bare spots on the scalp, it is when we have to go specialist, and do it as soon as possible.
The causes can be varied, as I comment, but one that increasingly leads to further consultations, in your case, the woman, is stress. Reconciling work and family life, and self – demand that you you impose to reach all and be radiant at all times is producing a lot of anxiety problems. Called alopecia reaction is related to it.

Also hormonal changes associated with menopause, as well as those produced in the months after pregnancy can lead to seasonal losses, but they do not have to go to more if treated in time. This is known as androgenetic baldness and is quite common.
A novelty in the origin of hair loss are extreme diets , which produce rapid and unhealthy changes in our body. Beware of sudden loss of nutrients. Also our scalp affected.
As for treatments, it is the very latest implantation technique known as FUE . Individually extracted hair follicles to graft donor sites give in receiving areas, without leaving scars or marks.
As for the chemical, as is employed Minoxidil, lotion, shampoo, foam, it serves to stimulate follicular growth and increase hair density . Of course, this treatment must be recommended by a specialist.
Also, finally, we can apply some techniques here that we are speaking in aesthetic medicine, as in the case of platelet-rich plasma or mesotherapy.

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