Filorga Products: full hands Care

The hands , that part of the body – usually – do not care as we should and . Eventually notice the ravages of time and continuous external aggressions The issue of age is an undeniable fact , besides the type of work they perform as it is likely to use much working hands and go increasingly becoming rougher.
Generally, the hand skin requires special care beyond a moisturizer . It’s a delicate area , and it would be necessary to know which products to use for maintenance. Here we leave the most recommended brand Filorga, we love for their excellent quality.
1. Hand Absolute . Definitive rejuvenating facial hands and nails : This treatment is indicated for dry hands, damaged skin, age spots and lack of uniformity stains. In short, it is indicated against skin aging and brittle nails. What gives? Comprehensive nutrition and anti – aging effect, perfect homogeneity and perfect nails.

2. Hand Filler. Mask anti – aging hands and nails : These gloves contain active ingredients inside acting as intensive treatment leaving hands softer, less wrinkled and more uniform. In short, it serves to show off a younger hands. His densifying action from a combination of hyaluronic acid and an active volumizer gives us greater consistency and smooth hands; its action stain from a wheat extract regulates melanin synthesis and leaves the skin smoother. At the same time, it also serves as nail treatment from a nutritional supplements that enhances the growth and strength of nails.

For those who do not know it , the Filorga laboratories are true pioneers and leading experts in skin and body aging. They have developed 90 biological products aging and today are elected in more than 40 countries by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and aesthetic physician

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