Freckles rainbow, the new beauty must for 2016

We are already February, and can start to see some trends beauty late last year announced as a must for this 2016. And one of them are the freckles , but not the freckles of life. We are talking freckles rainbow.
. More and more beauty trends passing through bring a touch of color to our looks The rise of alternative aesthetics and acceptance of groups that follow their own fashions has proliferated the rainbow trend – or rainbows – in the beauty industry . If a few months ago we told you about the rainbows roots or wicks colors, now is the turn of freckles rainbow. there are many users of the social network Instagram that have dared this trend beauty. Freckles and have long been fashionable, but the colors are a must for this 2016.

pecas_bellezaFreckles are easy to wear rainbow: just simply apply with a brush or small brush lipstick on his face and conseguir̩is the desired result. You can even directly apply the lipstick on the face and in the area you wish. Although you can use the classic red lipstick, if you want to innovate and follow to the letter this trend we recommend you opt for lipstick Kat von D. The signing of this popular tattoo artist boasts a variety of colors to paint the lips, as lilac, flesh Рcolored, orange and even black. Perfect to wear rainbow freckles!
pecas_bellezaSocial networks have turned this trend into a viral phenomenon, and certainly soon see a celebrity with these freckles.

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