Get a thicker lips

Not all women are lucky enough to be born with a lip voluptuous like Angelina Jolie, for it touches highlight them with a few little tricks of makeup . If the contouring has been able to frame our features, we can also use lip at will to look a thicker lips thanks to a few tricks.
The first thing to do is prepare the lips for applying makeup , as we do with the skin. This is simple, and if you have a toothbrush handy’ll do at a time and without much cost in cosmetic products. You just need to massage the lips with a brush to exfoliate and so get those skins are not so annoying that ruin the lip.

One way to make the lips look a little thicker is with the profiler . You can have a profiler in the same tone of skin to profile them a first time on the line, and a second time a little out. You can also just use the makeup face in the same tone of your skin on the lips, blurring the outlines, so we can paint them again with the same tone profiler our lip.
Once outlined, we must apply lipstick . It is better to opt for the lighter shades like pinks, peach or nude . The dark tones are fashionable, but avoid them if you do not want your lips look even thinner. You also have the trick of using two tones . You can put a darker shade at the bottom lip and a lighter at the top, which is what is finer, to give more volume visually. A final touch of gloss in the center give a bulkier appearance to your lips.

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