Get inspired by these famous blonde to dye

Sometimes, there is nothing better to look at the famous and their beauty looks. One of the colors of hair that 2016 triumph this is the blonde , who has become the fashion tone. That is why today we look at the celebrities who look best so that you may inspire in them. What is your favorite?
One of the famous most triumphs by their outfits and looks beauty is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. The British model and former angel of Victoria’s Secret looks over 16 years a beautiful and arga blond hair, which has managed to capture the attention of all . We love her golden tone, which is very flattering on her face. Another celebrity who looks blonde is the best way Léa Seydoux . French actress rose to fame with “Midnight in Paris” and “The Life of Adele ‘and golden blonde tone fits more than well. The actress used to choose very flattering hairstyles retro style in this hair color.

famosas_pelo_rubioBut none like the models boast a flawless blond. And if not, tell that to the model and actress Cara Delevingne . British, 23, has made its tone blonde, closer to bronde, is one of the most copied in barbershops tones. Another model that has managed to make his blond hair hallmark is Gigi Hadid. The top Californian looks clearer style California girls tone, and it is perfect.
famosas_pelo_rubioThere are many reasons to consider the ideal blond tone. It is glamorous, provides a natural look while and rejuvenates facial features.

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