Green clay mask for oily skin

The use of clay has been known since time immemorial; it was used to cure all kinds of diseases of the skin , wounds or inflammation. The ancient Egyptians used as an antiseptic, to treat rheumatic deformations and even as embalming bodies for mummification.
Among all types of clay there, the green clay has numerous applications in beauty for its calming, purifying, detoxifying and disinfectants. It is especially recommended for oily or acne – prone skin because it has the ability to disinfect and absorb impurities skin.
In addition, the clay has properties refreshing , healing, cleansing and is an excellent cell regenerator. When applied to the skin, it helps us to recover tissues, in addition to purify and decongest our body of toxins. Clay clean our skin , getting rid of blackheads and excess fat from the face, in addition to close pores. It can also be used to heal injuries or lowering inflammation.

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Green clay can be used alone or with other natural ingredients such as essential oils. You have two options at any herbalist, powder buy or purchase it ready – made mask. The advantages of buying powder is that you can mix with other ingredients and is more economical, but requires mixing with water and invest time for processing. If you buy ready – made things change, because only have to apply it , a fact that will also be reflected in the final price. You two decide the option that interests you!
If you will create the mask Gunning for yourselves, you should mix one part of clay powder with water until a creamy texture. Once you apply , you the finger or a spatula, you have to let it act between 15 or 20 minutes. You will notice the effects immediately. The skin will look dry, clean and free of impurities.
As you can see, the green clay has multiple beneficial properties for the health of our skin. If you do not yet have this fantastic product at home, we recommend that convirtáis an essential beauty.

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