Home Remedies cons brittle nails

The nails are an important part of our hands and our letter: who does not like to have strong, neat nails and in good condition? If while you are having problems with nails , brittle feel, Cracking or slivers, besides to check your diet, able also try these two remedies home and totally natural to strengthen them.

In principle, we must remember that, as with everything, the food plays an essential role: Be sure that you are consuming enough calcium, iron, zinc and vitamins A and B, all nutrients necessary for the formation and strength of nails . One of the main signs that you are missing calcium is the appearance of small white spots on nails , especially in the area near the cuticles, so be very attentive to this.
But it also may be happening to some other imbalance in the body is weakening nails: the suffering anemia, rheumatism or thyroid problems gland can also reduce the quality of nails, as well as going through a depression or any other disease.

In addition to domestic issues, there is a multitude of other external factors that may also influence, and a lot: the harsh cleaners, bleach, prolonged contact with water or even the fact of abusing lacquers are factors that do not add up when to maintain healthy and strong nails.
No. 1 Remedy oil and lemon
A remedy to strengthen nails externally is based on olive oil, with excellent properties, and lemon. In this case, you will need only a teaspoon of olive oil and a teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Shuffle both ingredients in a small bowl or bowl, wash your hands thoroughly and SECAD and placed there the top of your fingers, for a while before going to bed.
Let act for a while and practice these small massage to help penetrate well. No enjuaguéis, let alone be well absorbed. The council is to repeat this treatment at least three times a week.
No. 2 Remedy vinegar, oil and beer
Another possible to make nutritious and naturally treat nail combination is with a tablespoon of beer, apple cider vinegar and the same amount of olive oil. Like the previous, Shuffle well until it is a homogeneous liquid and Introduce fingers there, after washing and drying. Let act for about 15 minutes with warm water RINSE.

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