Home Treatments for nails

The other day we saw in Nosotras.com a couple of home remedies to strengthen nails and a nicer look and personality hands. In this article, we continue with some more recommendations, always based on natural products.
For instance, you can also prepare a sitz bath for nails with various herbs: only you will need one tablespoon of glue dry horse (10 grams), an herb rich in silica – mineral that gives strength and shine to her nails, one comfrey tablespoon (10 grams) and a cup of water.
Bring water to a boil with horsetail and comfrey . When a boil, let the decoction is made about five minutes. Then Withdraw from heat and let cool. Then only you must strain and immersed in the resulting liquid the fingertips for about ten minutes. It is advisable to make this immersion bath at least three times a week.

Beautiful young woman applying organic cosmetics to her skin
Beautiful young woman applying organic cosmetics to her skin

Another alternative that ye may do, but you will require papaya , is a strengthening basis of this tropical fruit and preparing egg , rich in protein and nutrients, which will add a bonus of enzymes and beneficial to the nails substances. Ingredients: two tablespoons of papaya juice (20 ml.), One egg yolk and a teaspoon of almond oil.
In a bowl, place the papaya juice (or pulp, fine tread), the egg yolk and almond oil . You must beat well until a smooth paste and then a little sobe ApliCAD each nail with a gentle massage. Let act half an hour and wash well with cold water.
Finally, I share with you one last possible treatment based on oils and honey , two cucharadistas castor oil (9 grams), a teaspoon of wheat germ oil (4.5 grams) and a teaspoon of honey (7, 5 g). In a bowl empty nail lacquer you will have to carefully place the oil and add the honey. Shuffle shut and well. Then Aplicad with the brush as if you were painting nails. Repeat every night before going to sleep for a mon

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