homemade cream against rojeces

Who has not been flushed or had redness ever? If you are one of those who get easily colored, you will know very well what it is to have red cheeks, and wanting to lose that irritating tone. Probably you may have rosacea , so you will have to consult with a professional for a specific treatment. Anyway, whether or not that ye suffer, in this article we tell you how to prepare a homemade cream for redness , with natural ingredients.
Only you will need some specific ingredients and a few minutes, plus a glass jar to keep it . The advantage of preparing your own cream is that the use of chemicals, preservatives and the like is avoided, as are parabens (petroleum and aluminum).

Well, for your homemade cream you will need , take note:
15 drops of evening primrose oil.
15 drops of calendula oil.
2 tablespoons aloe vera gel (30 grams).
2 tablespoons vegetable oil a mild (30 grams).
1 teaspoon honey bee raw (7 grams).
10 drops of unpasteurized apple cider vinegar.
cream jar
First you will have to mix the ingredients in a glass or plastic with a spatula and then introduced into the bottle. What you preserve without problems covered in the refrigerator. The recommendation is to use this cream in the morning when you wake up and at night, after the daily facial cleansing, before going to bed.

Benefits of the main ingredients
The evening primrose oil is known for its benefits on the skin , thanks to its high nutritional content and, specifically, level gamma-linoleic acid . Among its properties, it stresses that helps eliminate redness, and all kinds of stains, eczema and granites (especially when they are related to a hormonal disorder).
The oil calendula , well, often part of creams and cosmetics products, power anti – inflammatory and healing. Acts on redness, rashes, spots, allergies and the psoriasis . The aloe vera is already known as a healing and regenerating skin very effective, while providing a good water – based moisturizer for any home preparation.

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