How can you apply the perfume to last longer?

How to apply the fragrance is directly related to the duration of their scent , so in this post we give the keys to use it correctly.
To begin with , we are going to say what are the best parts of the body where they can apply the fragrance . It is advisable to throw in the spots where the pulse beats like wrists, collarbone and behind the ears . That is because in these parts body temperature is higher, which makes the perfume evaporates more slowly.

Ideally spraying perfume to 10 centimeters from the skin so that the aroma is distributed throughout the area in which it is applied, not rubbing , as thus it desgastaríamos, not mix fragrances , and apply the perfume just after shower.
For the scent last longer on the skin the ideal is to hydrate before, as it lasts longer on oily skin than on dry skin. For this, a good option is that the moisturizer is of the same line as the perfume. This will help extend the life of the aroma, and so will use a shower gel or any other beauty or hygiene product line.
From the first application, the perfumes are kept for about six hours so if we want to prolong its effect, a good option is to take a bottle in the bag to reapply when this time has passed.
And if we put perfume on our clothes, we must first ensure that there is a delicate garment and that our perfume has no components that can reach spot. One trick to put scent on clothing without staining is add a few drops of fragrance to the steam iron .
Also keep in mind that perfumes have about three years of ‘life’ before degrading, so you have to use them before they pass this time.

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