How to make homemade lip scrubs

During the coldest months of the year the lips are often dry and the skins begin to appear. To preserve the health of our lips, nothing like keep them hydrated at all times and use exfoliants , so that the pielecitas that may appear, disappear. Here are some great homemade lip scrubs you can make yourself at home so quickly, easily and inexpensively.
Sugar Lip Scrub
Undoubtedly, sugar is one of the most powerful when it comes to exfoliate the skin and lips for its texture ingredients. To make this scrub you can mix a tablespoon of sugar with other olive oil, stir until you have a paste and apply. This is best done by taking small massage in a circle, rinsed and finally, apply some type of moisturizer or cocoa.

Scrub with baking soda
This exfoliant is composed of sodium bicarbonate and honey. And to do this the procedure is very similar to that described above, you ‘ll have to mix the ingredients and when you have a paste applied, you can help a toothbrush to give small massage your lips, so get remove dead skins of a more effectively.
Scrub yes, but occasionally
The results when applying an exfoliant are so immediate and obvious but be careful not to apply this beauty ritual too often or can get the opposite effect: your lips end up dehydrated and also crack from dryness , to produce even pain. Therefore, it is best to exfoliate lips about once a week and if you’ve never tried these exfoliants we recommend that you alternate to see which is the best you work on your case. You’ll notice the results!

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