How to paint your nails without smudging

Although sometimes it may seem impossible, the fact is that there are a number of tricks that allow us to paint our nails without smudging. Take note of them and see how your nails left with a manicure as perfect as if you had gone to a good esthetician. SUPER easy!
Well, the first step is to eliminate any traces of polish you may have, since, otherwise, would not be good lacquering again. To do this you only need to cojáis cotton soaked with acetone and come over the nail from the cuticle to the outside, because if you do it the other way around you can stain the skin of enamel and will be more difficult to remove later.

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Once you may have the nail clean, free of all kinds of waste enamels, it will be the turn of filing your nail. To do nothing as filers blocks containing the possibility of shaping, smoothing, polishing and buffing. Each block contains some properties so that the process is successfully completed and may be able to paint your nails .
How to have a perfect manicure
How to have a perfect manicure

When you have a good clean nail, it’s time to apply the glaze . To do this successfully, it is recommended that pintéis placing the tip of the brush in the center of the nail and arrastréis to the bottom and then go to the tip as if you trazarais a straight line. Then you have to do the same with every part of the nail, it is making an imaginary division of the nail into three parts.
In the event that you left something enamel on the skin, it is sufficient that come over a cotton swab with acetone through the skin and the remains disappear easily. And only you will be waiting for the polish and ready to dry. You will have achieved a perfect manicure made for yourselves and from home.

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