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The cellulite is a metabolic disease that primarily affects the subcutaneous tissue and mainly affects women. The adipose tissue accumulates in the form of fat nodules and these are in the form of unsightly dimpled skin. That is why also a problem aesthetic amending contour, it causes discomfort and can cause self – esteem problems.
The causes of cellulite can be diverse: hereditary or genetic , hormonal or circulatory acquire bad habits, such as lack of exercise, poor nutrition, stress, drinking alcohol or snuff or dress in tight clothes. In short, it is formed by deficiencies in genetics, circulation, hormonal activation and pace of life .
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The types of cellulite according to their characteristics are:
Widespread cellulite is the type of cellulite own women who are overweight and also have unhealthy eating habits.

Localized cellulite : occurs in certain areas such as thighs, buttocks, hips and abdomen.
Soft cellulite : it occurs in women older than 35 years and generally overweight. It is more difficult to remove and is located on the buttocks, thighs, abdomen and arms.
Hard cellulite : it occurs on thighs and buttocks of younger women even sportsmen, it is harder than before and easier to treat.
Oedematous cellulite : it occurs in the legs, is more painful and can cause swelling in the legs. It is less common, but easier to treat.

How to visibly reduce cellulite?
Cellulite can be prevented by following a proper diet , doing exercise and taking supplements. If we want to reduce the existing cellulite, we need to apply every day some anti – cellulite product cash and massage the area. What anti – cellulite products use?

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