Immersion bath: The best incentive to release stress

Nothing better than a bath immersion to Give yourselves and release stress and accumulated tension: After an exhausting day, the reserve a time in which to relax and enjoy is a gift that should give us all. In this article we tell you some tips to give you a bath while I share with you some ideas for self given away bathrooms.
The core of a good soaking bath is a tub in good condition and clean, warm water to warm a component and relaxing or therapeutic which can range from essential oils or herbs to special bath salts. With respect to temperature, experts advise to be around 36-38 degrees . As for the duration of the dive, the most effective way to relax will be 15 to 20 minutes .
Among the essential oils, the most recommended are those of chamomile, lavender -highly relajantes-, tangerine peel, mint, pipperina mint or basil. But there are also other lesser known names that you can find in herbolarios- as yuzu, ravintsara or ylang ylang , it will be worth trying.
When making your bathroom, do not neglect planning and make sure to do it when you stand quiet and uninterrupted. A good idea is also theming and / or prepare the bathroom according to the occasion: with a candle, incense or relaxing music, according to your preference.
relaxing bath and sleep better
If lately you walk very nervous and you have trouble sleeping, this immersion bath you will help. Here is the step by step: fill the bathtub with hot water , 40 degrees maximum and añadid eight drops of lavender essential oil , plus a bunch of dried lavender flowers. Then bring you into the water and close your eyes to try and relax.

Lavender is highly relaxing, its fragrance is almost magical to release tension and nerves down, to the point that is among the most suitable essential oils to help fight insomnia. In addition, among its benefits the highlights relieve stress, detoxify and reduce pain in general.
Bathing Beauty
Bath salts bring relaxation and beauty to our body: in this case, you necesitarais one kilo of sea salt, three tablespoons of Epson salts -highly pain relievers, two tablespoons of baking soda and about 30 drops of essential oil -can be also lavender or lemongrass, already anticelulítico and reafirmante-.
Shuffle good and, if you have too, sumad some dried flower petals and enjoy at a temperature of not more than 36 degrees for 20 minutes to half an hour. Shall be left as new!

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