Is Nutricosmetics effective for our beauty?

The latter is the beauty pills, or what is the same, Nutricosmetics. Everyone talks about the nutrient concentrates suitable for our physical well – being. They are capsules of vitamins, minerals and other compounds, whose composition and organic interaction we reinforce by inside and outside they embellish.
The Nutricosmetics has entered fully in a society , ours in which the image is more than an attribute. It is a well with which we have to relate socially, both in real life, as in that second life to which many deliver much of their waking hours: the digital world.
We want to be good – looking to be popular, to get the best pair to have more job opportunities and ultimately, to feel good. There is nothing wrong, as long as it does not become our only priority and an obsession that harms our health.
What we can say is that taking supplements of omega3 or vitamin C to improve the elasticity of our skin or to prevent general aging is not bad – with exceptions and specific contraindications in case of sickness. What is questionable is not effective if we combine with a healthy overall life.
I mean, it is useless to make room in our lives Nutricosmetics if both continue drinking alcohol or smoking daily. There are no miracles and the body is wise, it can not be fooled.
Capsules are marketed and that can be found in health food stores, natural products, homeopathy, pharmacies and even supermarkets contain nutrients that are also obtained through food. What happens is not always the diet is balanced, by what these supplements may well fill gaps. If we do not take enough vegetables, well they come us some antioxidants orally or if the fruit is scarce at our table, some collagen will be very welcome. Also, when tans and yet protect us from ultraviolet rays violence will be of great help adequate amounts of vitamin D. A diet with low intake of dairy products and oily fish would welcome the corresponding nutricosmetic dose.

I recommend that when purchasing optéis for the most ecological and natural formulas, which also exist in this sector. It is unnecessary that preparations containing less chemistry for lead or aluminum .
As shown, these foods not only act on the outside, but inside, serving our health globally. What they provide is a higher concentration, and, therefore, greater speed, efficiency and uniformity of action .
Despite obtained, as I say in shopping malls, no prescription of any kind, it never hurts to ask the doctor if there is any contraindication to our medicines, should be in any treatment, especially of chronic . He also can help us with the dose, not to overdo the maximum of active ingredients, which, on the other hand, must be specified on the label quantities.

Beautiful young woman applying organic cosmetics to her skin
Beautiful young woman applying organic cosmetics to her skin

Do not have an immediate effect, but is considered broadly than two weeks begins to take effect, it being already palpable at eight. Depues, according to product and indications, you should stop taking it for a while. Pay special attention to vitamins A, D, E and K, soluble in good fat, but they can cause us an overdose, since not eliminated in the urine.
K2, however is one of the most beneficial for health in general: protects bones and arteries, and, therefore, our cardiovascular fitness. Nutricosmetics are therefore useful, provided as a complement to a healthy lifestyle, based on a diet balanced. But, like everything, they are not a panacea, act beneficially, but do not act milagros.Y you remember: get the facts and always seeks comment the doctor and pharmacist.

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