Keys to your lipstick stays intact day and night

Eternal question that we are all tired of not finding answer: why the bar lips does not last me? For more passes of product applied, at the end of the passing hours just winning the game and wearing the color. So then we reveal the essential steps you must take to get your lipstick stays intact all night. ¿ ready to discover this beauty definitive solution?
Like solving a mathematical operation we conducted a series of steps outlined in our quest to ensure the lip color is necessary to follow an order to apply our products. Takes note because this time, The order of the factors does alter the product!

care essential
You may have found the lipstick most durable of all time, without a properly exfoliated lips, anything will do. If your lips are cracked, the color quartering just a little aesthetic appearance. Therefore, more especially now in winter, it is important to take care your lips every day with a balm or cocoa to help you keep well hydrated and prevented. Carry it in your purse for when chapped or notes apply it at bedtime to get a complete repair.
acne Studio
Let’s do it!
The next step you need to take is to apply on your lips the same foundation that you use for the rest of the face. Most women forget this fundamental step to ensure a lasting Color: This product manages to keep intact longer the pigment of our lipstick , creating a protective barrier.
By then use your lip, do it directly from the package : no use brushes. Once you have applied several layers of product, try to set the color dabbing with fingers through all your lips. If you use profiler , now is the time to use it to enhance the result, provided it is the same shade as your lipstick.

Dolce & Gabbana
Dolce & Gabbana
Finally, you get to set the color applied with a light dusting of translucent powder , especially in the area of the corners, which is the one that suffers. This cosmetic fulfill the role of invisible shield to achieve a pristine effect on your lips.
When choosing your lipstick , keep in mind that professionals recommend we always avoid formulas gloss because the contain much water, its color is cleared more quickly. Therefore, the preferred are creamy and satiny textures : more durable and contain pigments tend to create the feeling of more volume over your mouth.

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