Learn to make three face masks with a single ingredient

When being more beautiful, there are many natural ingredients that can help a lot. Nosotras.com In this article we invite you to meet some masks facial that can be done at home with a single ingredient , for purposes ranging from anti moisturize the skin to wrinkle.
One of these beneficial ingredients is honey, with which can prepare a revitalizing mask skin , thanks to its high content of antioxidants and their moisturizing properties . It is a natural and neutral product whose unwanted side effects are almost nonexistent. The only caveat is if you are allergic to honey or pollen.

Honey has properties antifungal and antibacterial properties that help cleanse and purify the skin pores while providing nutritional enzymes. You just need half a cup of honey Рabout 100 grams approximately- and heating the product in microwave about 3 seconds or until not̩is honey acquires a liquid consistency, but thick enough to be placed on the skin.
Bear one with a brush to spread well on the skin the product evenly, except the region of the eyes. Let cool and then Withdraw with warm water and mild soap to wash well. Then you can finish the process by applying face cream commonly used.

Beautiful young woman applying organic cosmetics to her skin
Beautiful young woman applying organic cosmetics to her skin

Another natural ingredient is lemon juice : ideal for cleaning the skin, thanks to its acid and vitamins . You will need only squeeze the juice of two lemons and ApliCAD liquid with a cotton swab on the skin with small taps to be well absorbed.
In the event that you have very sensitive skin you can dilute a little citrus juice with 1/4 cup water . After application, you only have to wait about five minutes or until you feel the skin taut to rinse thoroughly with warm water. Be very careful that lemon juice does not contact with the eyes, as it is highly irritating and annoying.
Finally, when it comes to nourish the skin you can dip into the egg yolk as it will grant a bonus of vitamins and minerals easily absorbed through a face mask. Egg protein granted more life to the skin, softening it and rejuvenating.
All you have to do is place the egg yolks in a bowl and with a small brush or brush spread on the skin . Aplicad such as your needed amount to cover the skin. Let act 10 minutes and wash with warm water and mild soap. Aplicad some cream to complete the treatment.

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