Less spots and more uniform skin

The skin of the face is one of the most sensitive body, and that is why throughout the year must be careful . The exposure to the sun , the hormonal changes, the laser hair removal, or simply the passage of time, are responsible for the appearance of spots on our skin. A proper sunscreen before leaving home -during all the year and even when they do not shine, will be key to prevent future stains. But what we do with existing spots?

When the spots have already been formed and producing a darker tone in our skin, the solutions we have at our disposal in aesthetic medicine are chemical peels or IPL laser . But if what we want is that stains disappear gradually without investing in expensive beauty treatments, we can choose depigmentation or bleaching, equally effective in the long term.

What are despigmentantes?
The depigmentation or bleaching agents are cosmetic products that help us correct hyperpigmentation of the skin caused by sun, hormonal changes or age. Its main functions are bleach the melanin formed and prevent new melanin is formed. The results are more even and luminous skin, and are visible after a period of prolonged treatment.
What product can I use despigmentante cash?
The truth is that there are options very valid depigmentation in the cosmetics industry , but we were surprised by their effectiveness and in 2014 launched La Roche Posay , was Pigmentclar Sérum .

Pigmentclar Serum is a corrector serum with anti comeback effectively providing a global correction of the skin, leaving it smooth and bright . With a powerful anti – stain complex consisting of – PHE Resorcinol + Ginkgo + ferulic acid – the skin is brighter and fresh after application. Passed four weeks , the spots are visibly attenuated, and after eight weeks , the spots decrease significantly in intensity and color. The product is affordable -Cuesta 40 € – and 30ml pot lasts more than a month, since only a few drops should be applied morning and evening on neck and face.
In addition, for those who decides and ye complete treatment, La Roche Posay has also launched corrective eye contour, ideal for depigmenting dark circles blue or brown.

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