Makeup mistakes you should never make

The makeup is a great ally for women : the time to get interesting , a good base, a makeup on the eyes and mouth, a little blush, and the result can be very promising to look splendid and renewed . However, you have to know how to do and not only that, but makeup according to our face type or characteristics: certain errors in the make up can make big change and move us divas to least- -how little presentable.
In this article we propose to know what are some of the most common mistakes when applying makeup . From the prebase to the finish , these tips will help you to improve makeup.

The prebase : When to apply? how to do it? Prebase function is to serve as first base and set the makeup to prolong its life . You can find prebases to entire face or as to certain areas of the face, such as the eyelids or the area T. It should be applied at the beginning of makeup.
Then the foundation : so that the base fits well and does not seem to have a mask, the basics will hit the right tone of the base , as our skin color. If you are not sure what tone to buy, you can ask to try a little earlier in the skin at the height of the jaw. Thus you will see that looks good and blends with the skin , without stress or be too noticeable.

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While eyes are key and an illuminated look is a thousand wonders, we must be careful not to overdo it . Pay attention to the use of the illuminator , which is smooth and is well spread. Something similar may happen with rouge : a little blush enhance cheeks, but in the right measure .
If your makeup is intense eyes and lips, blush then may be used as a blush, to frame a little more, and if makeup is lighter and natural, then can be used to intensify a little more cheeks. For a correct application: focusing a little blusher on the top of the cheekbone , just above the bone, and from there diffuses into the center of the cheekbone to the ear area, fusing it with makeup.

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