Massage candles: moisturizing and aphrodisiac

With the arrival of cold need some relaxation session … And, who would not like a good massage ? The time to pamper ourselves can also be a moment to share with friends and even start some games. Some time ago different brands sell candles , massage and its usage is very easy: They are used as a candle conventional wax, but after having it on for one hour, the candle has, instead of melted wax, a warm oil massage . It may seem an erotic article so at first glance, but also it can serve as a natural moisturizer for dry skin.

Although we use finishing off the wick, it never is going to burn us . Ideally , we try oil by hand, not burn sensitive areas of the body or burn our partner. Many of the candles on the market come with an applicator in the form of a spoon or spatula to facilitate application if it gives us a lot of qualms about touching the oil directly candle, but these tools are not much use if we with little product that we will have enough. We give the perfect touch in circles if we apply on our skin or our partner.
Besides creating a very good atmosphere if we are a couple, there are different odors from strong odors such as lavender, Granada, vanilla to softer smells like jasmine, rose and coconut oil to pick tastes of each.
The oil candle massage, besides being a new element of the games in pairs, carry 100% natural oils and have water – based, so we will not be sticky , as it could itself go with the lubricant and if we dry skin we will give a lasting hydration .

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