natural juices to maintain youthful skin

When we think about the care of our skin , we usually have in mind only cosmetics, but the fact is that food also influences our appearance . Therefore, this post we will devote to juices and natural shakes that can easily be prepared at home , with ingredients containing vitamins and minerals that contribute to our skin cosmetic qualities. These ingredients are:
Carrot : This vegetable is rich in carotenoids, which help to protect our skin, enhance tan, prevent the appearance of wrinkles and regenerate skin cells.
Apple : This type of fruit contains malic acid and tartaric acid, which help eliminate dead skin cells.
Cucumber : It is an ingredient that if we add to our juices and smoothies will help us to repair and nourish our skin, acting against a tired or aged appearance.

Strawberry : This is a fruit that maintains the firmness of the skin, protecting natural collagen. It also helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks.
Celery : It is a great blood purifier that helps eliminate toxins, which prevents the occurrence of impurities, acne or boils.

Parsley : It is highly recommended to keep our skin young and nourished, and to fight stains that may have in the face. This is because they are high in vitamins A and C, iron and phosphorus.
With these ingredients we can do the combinations we want to when developing our juices or smoothies according to our tastes . In addition, we can add others as yeast, vegetable oils , flax, sesame, olive or evening primrose; or maca , which will also help bring our skin look radiant.

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