Natural treatments for stretch marks

Many women suffer from stretch marks , these marks or scars on the skin that may appear in different parts, but especially in the hips, thighs and, in the case of pregnant women, in the abdomen, by the sudden stretching of the skin .
At first, they appear redder as parallel lines, then become pale and whiter . While they are more common in women, especially among adolescents and young people, they are not unique to them, and may also result in men or already elderly.

Although this is a minor issue, that does not compromise health, they do have a weight aesthetically important and there are many women who attempt thousand remedies to prevent them or to reduce them already . In this article, we will tell you just two natural remedies , easy preparation and cheaper than any cream you buy, if they are used consistently, are effective.
Treatment with vitamin E
It is known that for skin, vitamin E is one of the most important because it is a powerful antioxidant that protects cells from premature aging and maintains the strongest and stretch fabrics. This also has been shown to help reduce presence of marks, scars and stretch marks.

What do you need?
Two capsules of vitamin E
Two drops of essential oil of lavender
One tablespoon of chamomile extract (10 ml)
Preparation : First you must click capsules vitamin E and mix in a bowl accordance with lavender oil and chamomile extract.
For the application , pre – wash the area you please try, have to only apply the resulting product with small circular massage. Let act for 15 minutes and see for absorption rubbing every so often . Repeat this application three times a day, daily.
Treatment of aloe vera
This plant is always known for being one of the great allies of the skin: the gel inside the leaves is one of the best natural remedies to improve the appearance of the skin, whatever the disorder, among which are counted scars and stretch marks. Its high intake of vitamins C and E protects skin and promotes natural collagen production.

Ingredients : a piece of fresh aloe vera and three tablespoons of olive oil. Preparation : Cut the leaf of the plant and Withdraw from inside the gel using a spoon, Shuffle with olive oil to form up a fairly creamy pasta .
Application : Lavad the area where aplicaréis, and spread a thin layer of natural product. Let act 30 minutes, making light massage every so often . Usad at least three times a week to achieve significant results.

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