Objective: How to neutralize aging

Fighting over the years on health or our physical appearance is the main focus of numerous studies, clinical analysis and products that are already on the market. However, despite the effort invested, the goal is ambitious: to reach neutralizing the aging skin.
You may find some decades past us close, but for now, continue to investigate, focusing on those famous elements of both spoken in magazines and specialized media: free radicals.
During aging observe a number of changes in the skin , ranging from thinning the same to the consequent loss of elasticity . They are visible signs. However, we do not know the internal process of becoming older what this great fabric is concerned, and it is in this process where it will produce the so – called cell death due precisely to these, above free radicals.
It makes sense therefore that apply therapeutic solutions which are designed to neutralize free radicals and provide greater support to the dermal matrix in order to improve and delay the aging process. Research has shown that one of the most important skin cells, fibroblasts , begins to decrease its activity and thus the synthesis of important skin as principles the hyaluronic acid , responsible among other things, the half of it.
Aware of the importance of replenishment of hyaluronic acid, the scientific laboratories have succeeded in developing highly innovative formulas that applied in the dermis of our patients get an immediate improvement in a first phase, after contributing to the delay of the curve of aging by their continued infiltration. These preparations, which we might call micro – nutrients, contain high concentrations of linear hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, coenzymes and nucleic acids .

The main function of hyaluronic acid is to moisturize the skin in addition to inducing stimulation of fibroblast and consequently the appearance of new collagen .
Furthermore, vitamins play an important role antioxidant. Including those of group B help improve skin elasticity, C, D and E are more related to oxidative stress and A mainly involved in cell renewal. Finally minerals, coenzymes and nucleic acids are indispensable to improve the structure of the skin in an attempt to regain its architecture.

As noted above, these micronutrients are injected into the dermis through a simple, quick, very aggressive and compatible technique with others such as those related to volume replacement, treatment of wrinkles or laser . Treatments do not usually take more than 30 minutes and does not require the use of topical anesthesia, but if the patient wishes can aplicarla.La infiltration is performed by nappage techniques retrotrazado or point to point according to medical criteria and the treatment area .
Side effects are mainly related to the redness of treated skin and the presence of small hematomas that resolved spontaneously.

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