Preparing drink flax to reduce cellulite

Of all the issues concerning aesthetic skin, cellulite is one of the most concern to women, and most wish they could reduce or even disappear. Although there are no magic formulas, yes there are some home and totally natural remedies that can help, such as the water of linseed .
This preparation also significantly improve the overall appearance of the skin , giving it more strength and elasticity, thanks to the nutrients and natural fatty acids present in flaxseed or linseed, more beneficial. It is worth remembering that the linen is a natural source of fiber, minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids that will always be welcome in a healthy and balanced diet.

beauty, people and health concept - beautiful young woman face in make-up over yellow autumn background
beauty, people and health concept – beautiful young woman face in make-up over yellow autumn background

But also, this little seed can be utilized for other purposes that go beyond nutrition: for example, can significantly improve the skin and help fight the dreaded cellulite . Among its benefits, highlights the action of Omega 3 fatty acids improve digestion and reduce fat absorption in the body, while inhibit the harmful effects of free radicals and enhance the production of collagen , essential substance to wear a better skin.
Well, how prepare this drink flax seed? You will need only about three tablespoons of linseed (about 45 grams) and a liter of water that will have to put to boil, once you reach the boiling point, add the seeds.
Then you have to let stand the preparation of seeds and water from 8 to 12 hours (with night will be fine). You will see then that the resulting combination is gelatinous and quite thick. The advice is to drink about 150 ml of this water fasting linen, and shall divide the rest in pre-lunch and dinner shots.
Because of its high cleaning effect it is recommended to drink for ten days straight and then rest in equal proportion . You will see how your skin not only looks better but also you will notice improvements in your intestinal transit, more fully, among other benefits. To combat cellulite, however, forget not combine any work with a healthy and balanced diet and regular exercise.

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