Pumice: an ally of the beauty of feet

Surely you’ve heard of pumice or perhaps to have ever used: if you do not know what it is or you have forgotten it, this article will remember the good reasons to use it , especially in reference to the beauty feet .
It is an economical product and easy to use that you can get without problems: of volcanic origin, is ideal for removing dead skin and iron out differences , so as to remove calluses and corns that arise in the feet, especially in the area the heels.
Thanks to its roughness, this stone helps exfoliate the dermis , eliminating dead cells and calluses that form, which give some aesthetic appearance to toe. To achieve this , all you have to do is pass the pumice on the areas affected by calluses , gently but strong enough to act exfoliation.

Step by step : Clean your feet with warm water and soap, rub pumice zones with hardnesses while feet are still wet, after a few minutes, rinse and dry your feet thoroughly with a towel. Finally, apply a moisturizer with a little massage. It is recommended to follow this routine once to twice per week.
Another possible use is to remove facial and body hair : what you usually do is use the stone on the area with hair, with gentle circular motions for a few minutes, after moistened with soap and water.
Where to buy? Today you can find it in several places, from supermarkets to pharmacies and cosmetic stores. It is an ally of the beauty of the feet, inexpensive accessory that you can buy without problems and use at their discretion.

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