red lips: the Velvet Souffle collection Bourjois

Do you want to wear red lips movie? Bourjois offers us an ideal choice for those who want to moisturize the lips and wear them well painted collection. Red is a color that can not fail in our vanity case, and despite being a very classic tone that never goes out of fashion, this season is reinvented in warmer tones.

Bourjois has launched the Velvet Souffle collection , spring line of the popular Rouge Velvet Edition. These lipsticks brand is the undisputed bestseller Bourjois, and for this hot season – about to come – reinvent themselves in an edition very fashionable. The Souffle Velvet is a collection consisting of 8 shades of red and pink ideal for the most romantic looks. The proposed Velvet Souffle range of both dark red, carmine and pink plum and caramel color, one of the star shades of the season. And all at affordable rates.

bourjoisWith a transparent , matte finish, bring a sense of softness and coverage lasting up to 10 hours . Its matte finish is so light that it seems that we do not carry lipstick. In addition, its tones are discreet and elegant. VIPeach, Cherryleaders, Plum Plum Carameli Pidou and Melo are some of the tones of the collection.
bourjoisThe Velvet Souffle range is now available in stores , and the design of the bottles is most sophisticated. In addition, all shades radiate freshness and own warmth of spring and summer are coming. Its discreet matte finish and allows us to look red lips at any time of day, and oranges are great on lighter skin.

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