Skin care at each stage

The skin changes with us: as the years pass, the skin is modified , it loses elasticity, trenching and smearing will, among other signals that appear with age. Whatever the life stage you’re going through, you will need to look after them . In this article we invite aa review some tips skin care for every life decade .

Beautiful young woman applying organic cosmetics to her skin
Beautiful young woman applying organic cosmetics to her skin.From the 25 years the skin begins gradually, the process of change. And they may arise as the leading brands and a little dry . The skin no longer regenerates at the same pace as before and begins to lose some shine and smoothness. And for 30 , it will be essential care for hydration and, if possible, start with the first anti – aging treatments to stimulate collagen production.

In addition, it is essential to respect the cleaning routine , day and night, whether we have makeup or not. Also, it is best to use creams specific treatment for the eye area and help remove the first lines.collagen-firm-skin
Already at 40 care you can step up a bit and have to use a specific cold cream to provide more collagen and vitamins to the skin, which loses more firmness and tone, with the appearance of more wrinkles and dryness.
Finally, from the 50 years stage where women suffer hormonal changes with the arrival of menopause and the skin loses much elasticity and firmness , it becomes thinner and drier, with pronounced wrinkles on face , neck and chest . And if sun care is not also appear spots .
In this case, to look after her will have to resort to creams quality, too extreme internal hydration and nutrition through the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, and maintain a healthy lifestyle, with regular walking or other physical activity .

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