Smoking snuff: how it affects our beauty?

The snuff is one of the most damaging silent enemies of health , therefore it is best to avoid this bad habit or quit. But not only compromises our lung health, increasing the risk of disorders such as cancer or lung failure, but also subtraction, and much, beauty .
In this article invite you to know what the unintended consequences on the skin, hair and teeth are , above all. Cigarette smoke negatively acts on the skin and skin in general, accelerating aging, while stain teeth, but we see this more closely.

Smoking affects the skin: it becomes rough and dry , thanks to its toxic and substances own consumption waste your aging process is accelerated by encouraging the emergence of wrinkles, especially in the region around lips.
In addition, the impurities smoke clog the pores favoring the appearance of pimples, pimples and blackheads, creating a dirtier without light complexion.
The snuff and cigarette smoke stain teeth : It is one of the regions that visibly affected by this bad habit. Not only dark and tooth enamel becomes more yellow , but also undermines the health of the gums and increases the risk of tartar.

Smokers already several years ago, also tend to suffer more from insomnia , yet what this means and affects not only the skin but also the beauty. Among the losses are counted more puffy eyes, bags under and dark circles , and a duller and less healthy skin in this area also.
As well as skin, cigarette smoke also dry and damaged hair, causing it to fall more easily, making it more brittle and dull . Best to wear a natural hair moisturized and better, is to always stay away from smoke snuff.
People who smoke also betray themselves by their hands: the cigarettes, having tar, besides harming health or yellow stained fingers, especially the nails and buds. With regard to nails, smudging addition, also it weakens favoring breakage.

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