Strawberry Blonde: all about the new color of Blake Lively

Blake Lively is the latest famous in joining the Strawberry Blonde, sure to be one of the colors of the trend of 2016. The Strawberry Blonde beauty that consists of a mixture of color between red hair, brown and blonde to create a very flattering color skins claritas. Keep up reading to find out what actresses look so! The Strawberry Blonde also be defined as a coppery blond or light red , and Blake Lively is not the only Hollywood actress who has registered to this trend. Some say he is a blond with red touches. Blake Lively and popularized this color for years , but has long opted for a light blond.


Yesterday, just after the parade of Michael Kors at New York Fashion Week , the actress ‘Gossip Girl’ debuted her new shade of hair . Jessica Chastain is one of the actresses who has made this color their hallmark.  The actress US boasts this hair color whenever possible, since it is a natural tone. Another actress who has registered to this trend is Bella Thorne.

The actress teenager long ago dares with this color tone. If after seeing the beauty looks of these actresses you want a new look for spring, there are several brands they have the ideal dyes for this tone so fashionable in Hollywood.  L’Oreal Paris has a variety of shades of reddish blond attractive and affordable. Another option are the dyes Revlon of Revlonissimo range , with a wide offer of shades ranging from brown to red hair coppery uploaded more. And you, do you dare to wear her hair in tone Strawberry Blonde? It is clear that color will be the undisputed 2016. Images: Daily Mail, pinterest, sugar pop,

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