The ABC for a good foundation

The base makeup is an essential when a good makeup : it will be the first step and serve as cover imperfections. To do this, you have to choose one according to your features, skin tone and style , whether it’s for day or night, among other factors . We have some tips for the foundation remains as it should, couple, without contrasts and last time you need.
A basic is that the base is the tone of your skin , for it, when you buy the will have to try , but not in the hand, because it is not the right place, but face it: in the front , it may be a good place because it is an area with a much warmer tone.

Before applying foundation, first: prepare the skin, and it will have to choose a good moisturizer , apply it in right amount and let it completely absorbed. Proper hydration is essential. Then, wait about five minutes to start with makeup.
Base makeup
Already in this step, you have basically two options: either apply foundation with the same fingertip or use a skunk type brush to spread good makeup all over the face. In this regard, bear in mind that the application should be done gradually, by parties , avoiding accumulations or skip some area.
Begin always from the center of the face, correcting imperfections, sideways . Let , then hide redness, blemishes or other imperfections present your skin gently, without pressing too complexion.
A suitable base and well – applied makeup, leave a thin cover on his face, concealing imperfections and giving the skin a beautiful appearance, but without losing the naturalness . Hence the tone you choose has to be right according to your skin color. Do not forget it .

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