The benefits of taking a spoonful of honey a day

The honey is a natural antibiotic, nutritious and a remedy effective. In this article, we propose to focus on some of their benefits highlights.
In principle, it noted that honey is very nutritious , energizes first order for the proper functioning of the whole body, and the brain , specifically. Power memory and promotes neuronal connection. It is a natural food rich in phosphorus, magnesium, iron, copper and calcium , all nutrients needed for brain and nerve links.
According to scientific evidence, honey not only nourishes the brain but also help in preventing dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases, thanks to its high content of polyphenols , which act against cell oxidation , combating inflammation of the tissues and enhancing the brain function.

Another benefit of honey is that it will help to better cope with menopause : the decline in the production of estrogen own this vital stage brings consequences such as lack of memory or concentration . As noted, the calcium that contributes honey, along with their other nutrients, help reduce this impact on cognitive functions, in addition to the bones and other symptoms of menopause.
In another order, if you are having problems with insomnia , honey is also known for its natural soothing effects , while will help you start the day with more energy and improved mood and physical. So you know, honey can add, and much to your day.
The recommendation is to eat at least one tablespoon of honey in the morning : the can use to sweeten your good infusion or spread on toast, or even during the course of the day, may be with afternoon tea or as prefiráis .

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