The blogger Chiara Ferragni is the new ambassador

If there is a blogger who seems to dominate the fashion industry and now also of beauty, that’s Chiara Ferragni . The Italian blogger not to expand his empire, and now just announced that it is the new global ambassador for Pantene .
Chiara Ferragni so announced on his blog, The Blonde Salad, which has sought to emphasize its relationship with the brand. And we’ve all ever used products beauty firm. They are effective, affordable and adapted to all kinds of needs prices. The Italian young stars in the new signature campaign to promote one of its latest developments, blisters rescue one minute. And judging by the video, it is clear that the Italian ambassador has the soul of beauty.

Beautiful young woman applying organic cosmetics to her skin
Beautiful young woman applying organic cosmetics to her skin

It is not the first time the creator of The Blonde Salad becomes an ambassador for a brand of beauty. He already did previously with Redken. And the blond hair of Italian blogger has convetido in one of its hallmarks, and hence the importance of caring with the best products. the beauty firms the raffle , knowing the powerful influence of power of the Internet.
blogger_chiara_ferragni_panteneIncreasingly brands of makeup and cosmetic products which are committed ambassadors who are not from showbiz. A few months ago the young blogger Kristina Bazan became L’Oreal Paris image. The impact on social networks, their influence on the fashion industry and its high presence in events are some of the reasons why brands are the rifan.
blogger_chiara_ferragni_panteneWhat do you think the signing of the most famous fashion blogger as an ambassador for Pantene? Insurance will soon see your ads in our country.

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