The importance of using desmaquillantes before bedtime

At night, when we are tired and about to go to bed, usually it gives us a huge laziness use desmaquillantes , which means that often we let go and we get into bed with the painted face. When we made this decision we are not aware of the consequences of this act of vagrancy it has for our facial skin . And it is that at night is when the cells regenerate and exfoliate . So, if we layers of cosmetics a barrier to regeneration that may result in you create clogging of the pores and the appearance of acne .
Over time, we did not stay up when we had removed may become a dehydrated, sagging skin , and can also have negative consequences for our skin around the eyes, eyelashes and lips . In addition, another consequence that can provoke is developing an intolerance to some chemical ingredients, dermatitis and even allergies , which can even cause multiple damage to our facial skin.

To encourage, let’s put aside the negative consequences for the skin and we will list the positive. If we desmaquillamos when he plays , that is, every night, get you a clean skin and oxygenated, avoid the appearance of acne, we will have a a luminous face and lips moisturized . As regards dark circles, both we are concerned, if we make in this area you can end up leading to a permanent darkening of the skin around the eyes, which can make an effect of having constant dark circles , and thus the only thing we would have it done is the opposite effect makeup.
As for the mascara , if you do not use cleansers can also cause a completely opposite effect. That is, if the mascara does is harden and give the effect of thicker eyelashes, if we let the product overnight repeatedly, you may end making our eyelashes become thinner and weaker.
Do not doubt more, let laziness aside . There are many benefits and too many damages not spend five minutes a day to take care of our skin. Remember: it is as important as wearing makeup makeup removers.

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