The most romantic hairstyles of the next season

This spring designers propose us fall rendered the spirit more lady and naif with hairstyle of romantic inspiration. The queues at the nape of the neck, the braids sweetest or collected in key soft become the protagonists of the hairstyles that will rule the coming months. Do you want to know now?
The semirrecogido express Altuzarra
Fast, easy and perfect to surprise. So hairstyle easy going that Altuzarra proposes for those days non-stop that never seem to end. Looking the romantic essence of spring, the test designer with a semirrecogido with parted in the middle and mane cheeky : each of the side strands is twisted double to unite both behind the nape of the neck. What you ‘ll include already in your favorites list hairstyles?

The romantic queue Dior
It has become a timeless styling and most versatile . The same applies to us for a hard day’s work to accompany a perfect total look of night. The queue at the nape of the neck is gaining more adepts wherever he goes. Aspect minimal and looks effortless , this hairstyle becomes ultraromántico thanks to the version that Christian Dior proposes for the SS / 16 season.
Christian Dior
Smoothed, right, with slightly askew stripe and decorated with a ribbon in shades long discreet nude . Do not ask more to this surefire classic that these months fully collect your hair to leave your face uncovered no loose strands out of place.
Another version of this hairstyle that has conquered us is low ponytail and Talbot Runhof : the hair is collected as in the hairstyle before, but letting loose the lock remains close to the ear.
Talbot Runhof

Braid vintage herve leger
Several seasons, the braids are positioned as the best choice to succeed with our floral hairstyle during the season. We have seen many versions of this classic hairstyle but undoubtedly the favorite for this spring is the one who proposes Hervé Léger : parted to the side, the front strands are collected in a braid that continues to the nape of the neck to be collected with the remaining hair as a ponytail .
Herve Leger
Get more informal letting loose thin strands falling on your face. The imperfection of your collected is also something trendy ! Combine it with make up natural effect “face wash” and looks the beauty look more romantic gateways.
How could it be otherwise, the legendary French braid also again leads the list of hairstyle that has us prepared spring. We have already signed the extrapulida repeinada version of Proenza Schouler . How about?

Proenza Schouler
The collected undone by Alberta Ferretti
The designer Alberta Ferretti shows that a simple and discreet accessories can convert the collected undone and grunge of the season in the most romantic hairstyle. All a 180 degrees is achieved with small golden tweezers placed alternately to collect different strands wound on themselves. Do you dare to try?

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