The star nail strengthener for brittle nails

The nail is a very important part of our body, while difficult to maintain if we tend to take them fragile or brittle . In maintenance it influences the treatments we apply them , in addition to the work we do every day with your hands. Women exposed to chemicals or who have jobs that require hands as main work force, are more exposed to nail breaks, making it even more difficult to maintain if proper treatment is not applied.
For those prone to fragile and brittle nails, nail hardeners s on a treatment that provides an effective solution to the problem , allowing restore nails and harden them from birth to avoid opening in layers and protect them from external aggressions .


If we ask what brand to buy that is economically while effective, We we opted for the Mavala brand and hardener nail treatment with two product parts. It has two application parts, the first contains fibers that protect the nail and the hardening, and the second is a smoothing preparing the nail to apply subsequent enamel.

Our advice is that you apliquéis treatment twice a week, for example on a Monday and a Thursday. In two weeks of treatment will begin to notice that your nails are broken least harden more and longer split into layers. The same brand offers other equally effective treatments for daily use, such as known Mavala nail hardener scientist. This should be applied every night and can be used to complement the previous to reinforce its effects.

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